Programme 2020

Programme 2020


GPEC® has always been synonymous with a strong framework programme, that serves as participation, education and the exchange among security authorities and with manufacturers and solution providers. Secure your place as an authority representative or exhibitor in a fitting event or contribute actively.

Advisory board
Director in the Federal Police (ret.) Heinz-Dieter Meier
Former head of division 5 Centre for Information and Communication Technology, Federal Police Headquarters, and CIO of the German Federal Police
Former Consultant for Geospatial Intelligence and Security Research at DLR German Aerospace Center

Please note: Many conferences are in German language only, nevertheless, everybody is invited to participate in the event of his choice (if allowed). The topics of most of the events are already listed here. The relevant content will be published successively in the coming weeks and the registration forms will be activated if the meeting is not a closed one.

  • Conferences

  • Symposia, Workshops, Forum

  • Trainings

  • Official working group meetings

  • Specialist Conference on Weapons and protection equipment of the PTI Police Technology Institute at the German Police Academy (restricted access, in German), 01.06.2022
  • 18th German Command and Control Centers Congress (in German)

all in German

  • Fachtagung Digitalisierung und BOS-FEM
  • Fachtagung Drohnen (UAS) für BOS - mit Flug- und Abfangvorführungen in der Drohnenflugzone
  • Fachtagung Automotive IT, Kfz-Forensik, Netzwerk Polizei und Mobilität (NPuM)
  • Fachtagung Terrorabwehrsperren, Zufahrtsschutz und Schutz Kritischer Infrastrukturen
  • Fachtagung Video Intelligence
  • Fachtagung OSINT und Virtual Operations
  • Fachtagung Bekleidung – Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit bei Funktionskleidung
  • Fachtagung für Stadtpolizei, Ordnunsgamt, Freiwilliger Polizeidienst
  • Beschaffungsseminar: Aktuelle Entwicklungen und Probleme bei der erfolgreichen Durchführung von Beschaffungsverfahren
  • SE-Workshop
  • Forum "Polizeiliche Verkehrsunfallaufnahme der Zukunft" der Fachkommission Verkehr der DPolG


  • Special presentation Operational and Shooting Training in Virtual Reality (VR-XR), 31.05. - 02.06.2022
  • Training Knife defence and further short-range defence, 31.05. - 02.06.2022
  • Outdoor Drone (UAV) flight zone at the west exit of the exhibition hall, 31.05. - 02.06.2022

Closed meetings of authorities

  • Meeting of the presidents of the Technical, Logistics and Service Departments of the German Police Forces
  • Special session of the information and work meeting of the presidents/leaders of Germany's Riot Police Forces
  • Meetings of other Police Presidents and Heads of Departments
  • Official working group meetings
  • other specialist working groups