Programme 2024

Programme 2024


GPEC® has always been synonymous with a strong framework programme, that serves, due to the combination with the trade fair visit, as participation, education and the exchange among security authorities and with manufacturers and solution providers. Secure your place as an authority representative or exhibitor in a fitting event or contribute actively.


The GPEC® 2024 programmme will be approached after GPEC® digital 2023, with most of the specialist conferences, workshops and training courses being continued and expanded by new, current needs, e.g.:

  • International Police Federal Congress der Interpol Federal (International Police Federal)
  • Innovation-Radar for internal security: developing ideas that are ready for use
  • Financial Investigations
  • Classic (physical) Forensics: conference on innovations for securing, examining and evaluating material traces
  • Video Intelligence
  • Automotive IT & automotive forensics
  • E-Mobility
  • 20th German Control Center Congress incl. OSINT
  • Cyber and communications security and cyber forensics
  • Workshop drones (UAS) and outdoor drone flight zone in front of the exhibition hall
  • Meeting of the IPOA International Police Organization Academy
  • Seminar of the VR & Police Network
  • K9: Training and operation of detection and protection dogs

Official working group conferences, among others:

  • Spring meeting of the heads of German central services
  • Special-IAT (information and workshop meeting of the German presidents and heads of riot police)
  • Special symposium of the UA FEK, subcommittee “Leadership, Operations, Combating Crime” of the AK II of the German Conference of the Ministers of Interior
  • Spring meeting of the working group of police presidents in Germany
  • Specialist conference traffic monitoring including traffic monitoring technology of the Police Technology Institut of the German Police Academy

Advisory board:
Director in the Federal Police (ret.) Heinz-Dieter Meier
Former head of division 5 Centre for Information and Communication Technology, Federal Police Headquarters, and CIO of the German Federal Police
Former Consultant for Geospatial Intelligence and Security Research at DLR German Aerospace Center


State Police President (ret.) Horst Kretzschmar
former State Police President of Saxony, Former Head of the presidium of the Saxony riot police, former Command leader special forces unit SEK Saxony


Chief Police Director (ret.) Alexander Fuchs
Former Head of the Special Forces Directorate Baden-Württemberg, former head of the riot police headquarters in Göppingen, former Commander special forces unit SEK Baden-Württemberg




Review Programme 2022

  • Conferences 2022

  • Symposia, Workshops

  • Trainings, Boat-Test, Party

  • Official working group meetings

all in German


Closed meetings of authorities

  • 12th Meeting of the presidents of the Technical, Logistics and Central Service Departments of the German Police Forces
  • Special session of the information and work meeting of the presidents/leaders of Germany's Riot Police Forces
  • Kick-Off-Meeting of the technical committee for service and operational clothing of the working group command and operational equipment (AG FEM)
  • Meeting of the AG functionality ZUSE of the Hessian LKA
  • Meetings of other Police Presidents and Heads of Departments
  • Official working group meetings
  • Kick-off meeting for research cooperation to combat child pornography
  • Kick-off meeting for research cooperation on mobile applications in the police context
  • other specialist working groups