Security in focus

For all relevant manufacturers, authorized dealers, ministries, offices, training institutions and procurement authorities, associations and interest groups. Only with you GPEC® 2022 was again Europe's largest closed trade fair for internal security.


Schedule for the next, again all subject and equipment areas covering GPEC®: May 6 - 8, 2024, Leipzig, Germany


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Warning of catalogue and advertising pirates and deceptive offers of attendees lists

Unfortunately, each year anew various providers use the name of our events to generate fees for exhibitor directories and/or advertisements.
Usually, you receive a form from providers such as Expo Guide, International Fairs Directory, FAIR Guide or others, requesting that you verify your data for an exhibitor directory and/or an advertisement. On a cursory reading you may at first expect a free service from such providers. But this is usually not the case.

Attention! You probably sign a long-term agreement that obliges you to pay substantial sums. Should you receive a letter from such providers, we recommend to simply ignore them and not to react. Should you mistakenly have entered a payment obligation: We do not know of any example, where these amounts could successfully be legally claimed.

We explicitly point out that we have not authorized such offers. We exclusively create the show catalogues for events organized by EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH as well as the respective online exhibitor directories ourselves and contact you directly.
In addition well-known serious specialized magazines in this sector offer good opportunities to advertise your products. The official publication pvt – as well as partner media can be found here. In case of doubt, please contact us for recommendable accompanying marketing activities.

Another trick of cheaters is the offer to acquire contacts and attendees lists of participants in our events. These are not authorized by us and the data do not come from us, if any are available. Because most of the time, the websites and server names contained in the sender email address do not exist, which in turn indicates fraudulent intentions. Often times even the dates and locations are incorrect. We never give out contact information of our attendees! Unfortunately, there are no legal means against such deceptive offers.