GPEC® is not open to the public – it is only accessible for visitors from national and international security authorities presenting a service ID card.

Access is granted to: decision makers, executives, procurers, technicians, instructors and end users from police, border guard, customs, justice, prison service and government intelligence and security services as well as special task force and infantry units of armed forces and members of other government departments and authorities using police technologies, professional ICT, security and rescue technology as well as special equipment. Members of parliament responsible for security tasks or budget matters are also admitted

The admission fee for members of authorities with preregistration is EURO 5,00. Without preregistration the admission fee is EURO 15,00 on site. It is imperative to present the service ID card on site. The admission fee includes the visit on all three exhibition days. 

Please also note our comprehensive framework programme – the participation in one of the elements already includes the ticket to visit the exhibition, so that one registration is enough. Details for 2024 will follow asap in the coming months, please see "Programme".


Schedule for the next, again all subject areas covering GPEC®: May 6 - 8, 2024, Leipzig, Germany


Up-to-date Exhibitors list GPEC® 2024


Up-to-date floor plan GPEC® 2024


Application form for visitors from authorities

The Israeli Pavilion GPEC® 2024

Reduced rates for Hotels and Lufthansa Group


The Information subpage provides further information for preparation purposes, e.g. reduced fares for the Lufthansa Group airline and for hotel bookings.

Review GPEC® 2022


Final report GPEC®  2022


Warning of fraudulent address and contact providers

Unfortunately, different providers/scammers use our event names and exhibitor lists every year to offer alleged lists of participants or meeting arrangements. Such offers are never authorized by us and the data do not come from us, if any, are available. Because most of the time, the websites and server names contained in the sender email address do not exist, which in turn indicates fraudulent intentions. Often times even the dates and locations are incorrect.
We never give out contact information!
Unfortunately, there are hardly any legal options for dealing with such deceptive offers that mostly come from abroad.
So please be careful and don't react.