All for Internal Security & Law Enforcement

All for Internal Security & Law Enforcement

GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference®
International Exhibition, Conferences & Trainings for Internal Security, Law Enforcement and Homeland Defence

International Forum Against Crime and Terrorism

Since the inauguration event in 2000 GPEC® has developed to be Europe’s biggest closed event for authorities only, specialized trade fair and conferences for Police and all security authorities. The event is regularly held under the patronage of German Ministers of the Interior. GPEC® comprises all subject and equipment areas of law enforcement, public and homeland security, serves for procurement and innovation inspections as One Stop Shop with regards to save resources with authorities and is in constant exchange about current requirements. A framework programme including conferences, official working group meetings and practical trainings makes GPEC® again and again to be an indispensable branch forum. Also in its 13th edition as specialized trade fair exclusively for members of authorities GPEC® provided again the confidential framework for the exchange with top leadership personnel, procurers, technicians and end users on Federal and Länder level, from Germany and all over the world. 


Final Report 2024


Advisory board:

Director in the Federal Police (ret.) Heinz-Dieter Meier
Former head of division 5 Centre for Information and Communication Technology, Federal Police Headquarters, and CIO of the German Federal Police
Former Consultant for Geospatial Intelligence and Security Research at DLR German Aerospace Center


State Police President (ret.) Horst Kretzschmar
former State Police President of Saxony, Former Head of the presidium of the Saxony riot police, former Command leader special forces unit SEK Saxony


Chief Police Director (ret.) Alexander Fuchs
Former Head of the Special Forces Directorate Baden-Württemberg, former head of the riot police headquarters in Göppingen, former Commander special forces unit SEK Baden-Württemberg


Senior Criminal Director (ret.) Jürgen Fauth
Cybercrime/Digital Traces Dept., Operational and Investigation Support Dept., Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office



Patronage  GPEC® 2024: 
State Minister Armin Schuster
Saxon State Minister of the Interior


  • Service Spectrum

  • Target Groups

  • Product Groups

  • international exhibition & conference for public security
  • market leader in Europe exclusively for the audience from authorities
  • most representative overview for Police and special equipment
  • 20,000 m² exhibition hall as One-Stop-Shop for all subject areas
  • branch meeting for public procurements and direct sales
  • exclusive conference and training programme
  • leading exhibition suitable for inter ministerial exchange
  • authorities as exhibitors + official working group meetings
  • competence „made in Germany“ for security experts from all over the world
  • in gratitude: Honour board General (ret.) Ulrich Wegener (1929-2017)
  • Police
  • Border Guard
  • Customs and Financial Bodies
  • Prison Service and Justice
  • Special Forces of all Ministries
  • Government Services and Agencies
  • Armed Forces
  • Civil Protection and Disaster Control
  • Emergency Services and Professional Fire Brigades
  • Other Public Services related to public security
  • Decision-makers, Executives, Procurement Officers, Technicians, Trainer and End Users
  • Entirety of ICT- and cyber products of the GPEC digital
  • Vehicle technology (land, air, water), unmanned systems/drones (operation, dtection, defence)
  • Traffic security, management and control
  • Personal equipment, clothing, body armour, ballistic protection
  • Small arms, accessories, ammunition, pyrotechnics, non-lethal and self-defence tools
  • Forensics and laboratory products, measuring technology, detection of narcotics
  • Aviation security technology, documentation systems, scanners
  • NBC protection, EOD, UXO and mine clearance
  • Special tools, emergency, rescue, first aid and medical equipment
  • Emergency preparedness, warning and preparation of the population
  • Critical  infrastructure and perimeter protection, access control
  • Stationary and mobile energy supply, logistics
  • Authorities and organizations
  • Education, training, simulation, e-learning, VR, AR, XR
  • Research and development, special media

Exhibitors and visitors profiles of GPEC® 2024

Impressionen von der GPEC® 2024

Alles für die innere Sicherheit digital

The decoupling GPEC® digital for focusing on all digitalization topics of internal security that was first organized in 2019 was and remains part of the all-embracing, biennial GPEC®, also in 2024. The independent event GPEC® digital is always organized in the uneven interim year, after GPEC® 2024 again in 2025.

More information on GPEC® digital