Programme 2024

Programme 2024

Conference Classic Forensics: Innovations for physical forensics

May 6, 2024, 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m

Recording, securing and evaluating traces to prove the perpetrator and act of crimes

Quality in the securing forensics

Content/areas of responsibility:

- DNA analysis and other micro-traces, including textile micro-traces

- Narcotics, pharmaceuticals, poisons

- Dactyloscopy

- Phantom imaging and facial recognition

- Identity documents/document forgery

- Speaker recognition, voice analysis

- Handwriting examination

- Ballistics, weapons technology, ammunition

- IED, defuser service

- Fire and explosion investigation

- Tool and mold marks, tire marks, shoe marks

- Forensic image processing and digital 3D crime scene documentation

- International databases

Some tried and tested and new resources will also be presented at this specialist conference and trade fair.
Moderator: Detective Inspector Michael Ulrich

Member of the state board of the BDK Association of German Criminal Police Officers; Head of Dep. 25 Crime Scene Group/USBV; State Criminal Police Office of Saxony-Anhalt


Lecture topics and agenda - mainly in German - will follow in the next few weeks, including:

- Standards for secure forensic science in Europe – status and outlook

- DNA phenotyping, limitations and possibilities

- Forensic blood trace pattern analysis: current applications and insight into the state of research

- Forensic image processing and digital 3D crime scene documentation – BSP: “How crime events can be digitally simulated using 3D human models

- Crime scene & traces in the right light: Visualization and documentation of forensic evidence in the UV, visible and infrared spectrum.

- Evaluation of tachograph data to visualize routes, a new dimension in distance/time calculation

- Crime-Lite-Laser The crime scene in a new light / case presentation

- Ballistics


Participation fee

- Ticket authority: EUR 100.00 including VAT

- Ticket exhibitor: EUR 150.00 plus VAT


Participant registration for representatives of authorities, which as always includes entry to the trade fair on all days of the trade fair, is possible using the following registration form.

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