Programme 2024

Programme 2024

Conference Video Intelligence 2022


1st June 2022


Vigilant instead of surveillance - that's what we mean by modern video recording and analysis technology. While the majority of the population, according to representative surveys, advocate a higher vigilance through video usage, many of these projects are failing in various legal hurdles. It seems that people still prefer to collect data from private software companies overseas, rather than from their democratically legitimized constitutional state.

And this despite the fact that the possibilities for combating and clarifying crime today are at an very high level. Not only the recording thanks to unbeatable sensor solutions, but also the evaluation and analysis with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning could raise the public security to an even higher level. The topic of the evaluation of mass data suggests in any case a completely new chapter of police work.

The conference "Video Intelligence 2022" will pick up these new technical possibilities and examine the practical implementations based on current projects. Together, a basis should be created, how public as well as legal concerns can be permanently eliminated. Everything on June 1st, 2022 as part of the GPEC® 2022!

Last but not least, competent companies play their part in this, which through intensive research and innovative ideas contribute to making the work of the police and judiciary more effective. Among other things, technology leaders will report on their practical successes and solutions for security authorities.


Moderator: Marcus Heide, Hessian Police Headquarters for Technology (HPT)


Content including:

- Tactical police TV in Saxony; Reiner Paul, Head of Image Transmission, Information and Communications Department, Saxony Police Administration Office

- Comparative test of different video systems; Markus Piendl, expert for safety technology

- Video projects in public areas: A calculation with many unknowns; Frank Salder, Managing Director, Dallmeier Systems

- AI-based analysis and management of image and video files; Robert Schwerdtner, Head Solution Design & Innovationmanagment, rola Security Solutions GmbH

- Operation and evaluation of body cams and video systems in public areas

- Evaluation of mass data

- Face recognition


For the agenda, please see the German site of this conference.

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