Programme 2024

Programme 2024

Workshop Crime Scene Internet: How German Law Enforcement Authorities Use Maltego for OSINT Research – An Overview


1st June 2022, Frankfurt a. M., 2 pm - 4 pm


Research on the Internet is now part of the standard repertoire of the German police authorities. Federal, state and local police authorities throughout Germany use Maltego to conduct research in social networks, on cryptocurrencies, complex company structures or in the dark web.
In this closed lecture, which is only accessible to police officers, Maltego will give an overview of the use in German police authorities with selected customers and clarify questions about OSINT research and Maltego in an open discussion.



Steffen Iwan, Maltego Technologies



free of charge (exhibition visitor fee only, 5,00 €)

Verified participants from all authorities are welcome. Workshop language is planned in German, but can be changed to English if some English speaking participants are registered.


Please inquire about participation on site.