Programme 2022

Programme 2022

Operational and shooting training in virtual - extended reality with RAMROD XR

RAMROD XR is a leader in the field of virtual and extended reality to support emergency and rescue teams of all kinds.


All-day presentations and workshop sessions, in the trade fair, booth no. D20

each 30 to max. 60 min


Trainer: Paul Kaden, CEO RAMROD XR


Operational forces and responders have the heavy burdens of society on their shoulders. In order to be better prepared for complex challenges in the future, it is important to support training and practice with the latest technology. If the training is tough and demanding, it may be without loss of life, limb or health.
In the past, due to security requirements and high costs, there were always certain scenarios that simply could not be practiced. Often it is not even possible to train forces at the same time, as there are only limited training space capacities. Existing simulators are often unsatisfactory and credible. With the XR technology, this is finally over.

So that these services can learn from the experiences of others, RAMROD XR will create an operation's library on the subject of "Lessons Learned". Training close to the action should be the top priority. The worst thing a trainer can do to his subordinates is to misjudge the situation and not train them according to reality. In the operations library, historically and safety-related operations and scenarios are shared with all interested parties for use according to the F3EAD (Find-Fix-Finish, Exploit, Analyze, Disseminate) principle, which is common with special forces and the knowledge and experience of the missions critically assessed in order to be even better prepared in the future. 

At the RAMROD XR booth, these new training options will be shown and carried out in practice.

Active workshop participation, due to limited capacities, please register in advance - participation principle "first come - first served", see form below, free of charge as a trade fair visitor or conference participant.

For active tests please ask at the RAMROD-booth.


Inactive visitors are welcome without prior notice.