Programme 2022

Programme 2022

Conference: CBRNE-defence, challenges, civil defence 2022 and solution opportunities

31st May 2022, 10:00 a.m.

In recent years, the threats to public safety and order from hazardous substances and initially unknown reagents have continued to increase, and the requirements for civil protection, the protection of emergency services and security personnel are changing as a result. And unfortunately, current international developments and methods of hybrid warfare are increasing this threat even more.
This conference serves as a communication platform for the various participants.


Moderator: Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Walter Borries, Managing Director FIRMITAS, Colonel ret.


Content contributions: (among others)

- ABC-Abwehrkommando der Bundeswehr CBRNE Defence Command of the German Armed Forces

- Federal Police

- Fire Departments

- District and city administrations


This conference will be held in German language, therefore, please see the German part of this website for more details.